Here, we get some Hot Welcome Stainless Steel Jewelry for our Clients, so as to show you what jewelry are welcomed and hot selling in Current Wholesale Jewelry Market or online wholesale stores, or both; these valuable information are studied from our direct marketing and got from our store managers, also, some are from our great buyers and order buyers, some are from other online stores. Anyway, we hope these kinds of information can give you some ideas on selecting our Stainless Steel Jewelry and help you to make a good selection when you're checking our wholesale online store; in that case, you can have a very good sale after you purchasing.

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Updated on 21 March, 2013.

1. Stainless Steel Rings, such as Crafted black epoxy casting SONS Ring, Silver Wrench Ring for Levering, Heavy and Large Skull Ring, different eyes rings for punk man & cool cowboy;

Stainless Steel SONS Ring - r000315 - $5.65 Silver Wrench Ring in Stainless Steel for Levering - r000300 - $2.82 Stainless Steel Bareheaded Skull Ring - JR350019 -$4.99

316L stainless steel blue eye ring - r000323 -$5.88 Stainless Steel Casting Eye Ring with Blue stone -r000321-$4.69 Punk Style Blue Eye Ring for Mens -r000066 -$4.71

Green Eye Stainless Steel Ring - r000322 316L stainless stee green eye rings Green Eye Ring in Stainless Steel for Punk Lovers - r000081


2. some great men's welcome skull bangles in heavy and large appearance, such as,

Heavy Skull Stainless Steel Bangles - JB350030 Fire Skull Devil Stainless Steel Bangles - JB350039 Two Skull Heads Stainless Steel Bangles - JB350012

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